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More than just function

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

My very first designer bag: Dooney & Bourke Lexington Tote in Shiny It

I know many people in my life do not understand my love for bags. If you are reading this blog, you are probably in a similar situation. I can appreciate that a lot people only buy a new bag for each season or carry the same one until it falls apart. My mother and sister-in-law both fall into that category. Oh how I wish I did too (and so do my wallet and husband)!

For me, a handbag is much more than a receptacle to carry your stuff around. The right bag can make even the most drab outfit look fabulous. It can lift your spirits on the grayest winter day.

It says a lot about your personality or stage in life too.

A crossbody bag screams mom with young kids who needs to be handsfree. A satchel or structured tote says you are a professional woman who likes things in compartments and within reach. A hobo bag delights those, like myself, who have narrow shoulders and cannot stand fighting with two straps. A backpack, much like the crossbody, signals you are a student or busy woman on the go who does not want to be bogged down with a heavy bag.

Most of my friends and family would describe me as a handbag hoarder or say that I have an obsession. That may be true but I like to think of myself as a handbag collector, an aficionado or enthusiast. Handbags also help me organize my life since there is a compartment for everything I need for the day. I also like handbags because I tend to have a hard time finding clothes that fit since I am a classic pear shape (smaller on top, bigger on bottom). After all, a handbag always fits... even when your jeans don't.

Another oldie but goodie: Dooney & Bourke Sak in Signature Jaguard

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